Monday, January 19, 2009

Alternative Yarns: Knitting with Fabric

Many of you know, I love to use unconventional materials to knit and crochet with. These are some of my recent color combinations that I have put together to use. These groupings come with 20 individual strips of fabric. Each strip of fabric is 8 yards in length, making a total of 160 yards per bundle. Each bundle retails for $15.00 for 160 yards.

My fabric yarn strips are available at, on etsy and in my lollishops store!


  1. =^..^= hi heather

    ... such beautiful colors you have everywhere!
    Oooh especially the green polka dots ::sigh:: I do so adore green ... & polka dots!

    I keep looking to find your personal blog ... wondering if you have one? Only seem to find the business side of things :o) But here is wonderful ... wishin' I knew how to knit!

    See you around Lolliland ::hee::
    •::• love, zUzU •::•

  2. Hi zuzu! Thanks so much:) I don't have just a personal blog...Once a week or so I post personal things but not exclusively...yet:)