Thursday, March 12, 2009

Square Needles and Hooks?

While reading the latest copy of knit today magazine, I saw an advertisement about square knitting needles and crochet hooks...This is some of what I found from Kollage Yarns. Let me know if you have tried square needles or hooks! I'd love to hear your experiences with them!

Square Needle Size

Yes, they really are easier on your hands! Handcrafted to our exacting standards, KollĂ ge's square knitting needles are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands, decreasing stress and strain for those who love to knit. The needles are handmade in Vietnam from a hardwood called Forest Palm.

They enable you to knit faster with more uniform stitches. At one of our shows, we had several pairs of square needles out with yarn for people to try. One sample was knit on by over 30 different people, but the stitches were all the same. These will be perfect with those slippery yarns so no more dropping stitches.

We believe, and have been told by many, the square needles are easier to use by those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or stiffness in their hands and fingers. You've got to try them!

Just two of many testimonials:

The square needles are a wonderful thing!! I can knit longer!! I didn't believe it but, I am knitting the baby surprise sweater and I started on the squares to give them a try and I was getting a lot of stitches so I switched to the circular and my tennis elbow went nuts....then it dawned on me....maybe it is the needles, so I went back to the squares and no problem. I love them. I need more!!!
Jan from Wisconsin

I was in a car accident 7 months ago. I couldn't even hold my knitting needles for 3 months. Because of the pain, I could not knit for 5 months! I tried these Square Needles've got to be kidding...these won't work. Well....I LOVE these Square Needles! I can hold these Square Needles easier than the round ones...And without any pain in my hands! I am adding these to my needle collection.
Jo from New Jersey

Square Circulars and DPNs

The square circulars and dpns will be made out of a high grade aluminum in a coppery brown color. The new K-Kable is like no other on the market. It will not kink, kurl or knot and has virtually no memory. What does this mean for you? Finally, a needle that is ready to knit right out of the package. The round to square size issue has also been addressed. These will be machined which corrects the variations you get with handmade needles. The circular needles will be available in US sizes 0 - 10 (2.0mm - 6.0mm) in 24" (61.96cm) and 40" (101.6cm) lengths. We will also have US sizes 6, 7 and 8 (4, 4.5 and 5mm) in 32" (81.3cm) length. The DPNS will be available in US sizes 0 - 3 (2.0 - 3.25mm) in 5" (12.7cm) and 7" (17.78cm) lengths.

Square Crochet Hooks

The crochet hooks have gone through an entire redesign which has enabled us to make an even more comfortable Rosewood handle, while the shaft and hook will be done in the same high grade aluminum for more accurate gauge. There will be two handle sizes while the properly sized shaft and hook will vary according to size. The new Square crochet hooks will be available in US sizes C - J (2.75 - 6.0mm) in a 6" (15.25cm) length.

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