Friday, February 27, 2009

I was featured yesterday on Mommatudes!

Etsy Shop: Heather Knitz
Products: "Unique rag bags and rag bag kits! Sassy hair and jewelry accessories! Funky art and crafting supplies! DIY patterns and tutorials!"
What I Purchased: 160 yds. of Fabric Strips
Price: $15 + shipping

Review: I cannot stress the amazing customer service I received from Heather Knitz! I purchased the fabric strips via PayPal and was getting a tad worried when they hadn't arrived. I messaged Heather Knitz who replied almost immediately concerned about my package as she had sent it. Turns out, my PayPal account had my old address listed on it. I had messaged Heather Knitz asking if she mailed it to my new address. She had sent it to the address listed on my PayPal account. We went back home to our house in Ohio to see if the package was sitting there but we'd just had a storm and it wasn't. Probably flew away. Heather Knitz, out of the kindness of her heart, sent me another package without charge. Her generosity was amazing given I was as much to blame for the snafu. I just got the fabric strips and they are beautiful, colorful, and cut to perfection! These are not scraps she's sending out. I cannot wait to cast on my rag bag!! Thank you, Heather Knitz, for a terrific experience and a wonderful product!!!! I will most definitely continue to buy from her shop and sing her praises. (Even if she is a Bengals' fan!)

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