Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Introducing Riches to Rags Fabric Ball Yarn!

~The ball above was made from Lilly Pulitzer Signature Fabrics~

hk~Riches to Rags fabric yarn

My ball of Riches to Rags yarn has been created from premium, high end fabrics—the modern day vintage & antique rag ball that your grandmother used to have!

My Riches to Rags style yarns are the result of a decade of experiments I have been doing with my own rag knitting and crocheting. I use premium designer fabrics, cut them into strips, and convert them into fabulous rag yarn. It is an extremely labor intensive process. Riches to Rags yarn can be used in knitting & crochet as well as for any of your rag craft projects!

The knitty gritty…
-Each ball is a unique weight and yardage
-5 w.p.i. (super bulky weight)
-Recommended needles: size 15-35 depending on the desired look
-Recommended hooks: P, Q and S depending on the desired look

We are a lovely family of asthmatics and therefore all of the yarn is created in a smoke-free, pet-free environment (except for gonzo our iguna but he lives in a palace in the basement:)

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  2. I really like the multi button headband hair wrap in the blue and green colors. As far as making something, I would like to see you add more products to your headband sections possibly brainded with long tails at the end.